Introduction to bouldering

If you are new to bouldering, this class is 60 minutes of fun that gets you up to speed with our facility and the basics of bouldering safely.


This is the perfect course for anyone aged 16+ who is new to climbing or who has taken a break and just wants to get back into it with the help of one of our experienced coaches

Kids climbing lessons

We help kids from ages 7 and up become enthusiastic and competent climbers. We teach NIBAS which is a structured programme designed to improve confidence and develop

climbing skills.

We run these classes at the weekend and on a Monday for Home Education groups. We have separate sessions depending on the age of the climbers which means they are a perfect way to not only get better at climbing but also meet other psyched climbers their own age.

Personalised coaching

Looking to improve your climbing with one of our trained coaches? You can book a session with up to 4 friends to get a personally tailored session.

These sessions are designed for all ages and abilities of climber. Our coaches can identify weaknesses or work on a specific technique you have been struggling with.

Click below for more information and to find out how we can help you take your climbing to the next level.