Our Products

Our most important product is our climbs which we work hard to provide and maintain. 

Each week a wall is stripped and reset to provide fun interesting routes at all grades from V0 to V9+ in our centre. To help with this we have a team of in-house and outside professional route setters to set blocs for the Ballroom. 

This group of routesetters includes the current British lead and speed champion Billy Ridal, and Tara Hayes from the British women's bouldering team. Frances Bensley the 3rd British woman to climb 8B boulder. Alex Fry, professional route setter for the GB selection competitions and British Bouldering Championships, and Sam Prior an all round crusher who can usually be found at the wall training hard or crushing climbs.


Climbing Shoes

Beyond our routes, we also sell a combination of other climbing equipment designed to help improve your climbing. From chalk bags and varieties of chalk to climbing shoes. We also produce Ballroom clothes so you can show off your love for the centre and look good doing it!

Don't know the differences in climbing shoes? This list below gives a short description of each shoe and their strengths and weaknesses. To try them on or find out more just ask one of our trained staff members who can help find the perfect shoe for you!

Scarpa Velocity

The Scarpa Velocity is a low profile, stiffer shoe designed for wear throughout the day. The stiffer rubber gives a more comfortable feel and increases the durability of the shoe making it last longer. Perfect for all levels of climber this shoe can be used for all angles of wall and is designed to fit most feet.

Scarpa Instinct VSR

The Scarpa Instinct VSR is a medium softness, highly aggressive, downturned shoe. Designed for high performance and technical ability this shoe is great for all round gym climbing and especially suited to overhangs. Perfect for the new style of climbing, these shoes mold well allowing for comfort on dynamic moves and precision on coordination style climbs. 

The MadRock Drone is a stiff, aggressive, downturned shoe. This shoe designed for performance and high technical capacity is great for board climbing and general gym usage. The slightly higher volume shoe offers a larger heel cup and toe box for wider feet. This Vegan friendly shoe is excellent for a more environmental climber looking to push their limits.

MadRock Drone

Scarpa Vapour V

The Scarpa Vapour V is a stiffer, less aggressive, slightly downturned shoe. Designed for comfortable use across longer periods of time these are much better suited for use in sport and trad climbing as well as bouldering. The less aggressive shape makes them ideal for people who haven't worn downturned shoes before. 

MadRock Drifter

The MadRock Drifter is a stiff rubber, flat shoe with very little asymmetry designed for all day comfort in your climbing. The cheapest of our shoes, perfect for new climbers looking to buy themselves a pair of shoes and work on their technique in their own shoe. 

The Scarpa Instinct SR are much the same as the Instinct VSR, using the same rubber and model the only difference is the SR are slip on shoes. This makes putting on the SR and taking them off much easier, this allows for better use on boards and other projects where using a more uncomfortable shoe for high performance is required. The lack of a strap, however, makes heel hooking more difficult and the shoe is prone to stretching more.

Scarpa Instinct SR

Chalk and Chalk Bags