What is Bouldering?

The Ballroom specialises in Bouldering which is a form of low to the ground climbing that tests you mentally as well as physically, all while having fun with your friends! No experience is needed to get started, we will give you a short safety induction when you arrive for the first time so you can enjoy the centre in a safe way.

There are no ropes or harnesses used in bouldering instead our floor is fitted with the highest quality matting which helps to reduce the impact from any fall from the wall.

Bouldering is one of the fastest growing sports and has recently been added as an Olympic sport. The aim of Bouldering is to complete a specific climb (known as a bloc) from start to finish using specific colours. The difficulty is graded using a V system from 0-8. If you are new to the sport start with the 0s and see how you go!


So if you are getting tired of the same old gym routine or just looking to try out an exciting new hobby, The Ballroom is the place for you!

We take pride in the fact we have over 200 bouldering blocs across 700sqm of climbing surface, created by the country's best climbers and setters. Whatever your current level of climbing, from absolute beginner to seasoned pro, we have something for you.

For the more experienced climbers we have a range of training tools to take your climbing to the next level:

  • Digital Moon board

  • Campus board with 3 tiers of rungs

  • Beastmaker 1000/2000 finger boards

  • 45 degree training board featuring Guchi Grains and Hardwood Holds

  • Circuit board