Intro to Bouldering

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Start Your Climbing Journey with Confidence at The Ballroom!

Ready to climb? Our "Introduction to Bouldering Class" is the perfect first step. It's not just about climbing; it's about building a solid foundation that makes every session more enjoyable.

For just £20, here's what you get:

One Hour of Expert Coaching: Personal guidance on essential techniques and safety.

Solid Foundations: Learn the essentials so climbing is more enjoyable and less daunting..

Climb on Your Terms: After the class, stay and practice for as long as you like.

And there's more – for just £15 extra upgrade to include two weeks of unlimited climbing. It's the perfect chance to cement your skills, find a new fitness routine you actually look forward to, and join a community that cheers you on every step of the way. (Just choose the Intro +Membership option at checkout to get this great deal)
Why the Two-Week Pass?

Feel the Difference: Watch yourself get fitter and stronger with each climb.

Connect with Fellow Climbers: Our climbers are more than a community; they're family, ready to support you.

Embrace Consistency: Regular climbs can do wonders for your fitness, and what better way to keep active than by doing something fun?

Say yes to a workout that excites you, a community that welcomes you, and a hobby that grows with you.

Please note: All supervisors will have to register online as well as the climbers! You will have to do this BEFORE you arrive at the centre.

If you are taking any under 5s into the centre, please be aware they will not be able to go onto the matting and will need to be continuously supervised whilst in the centre.
The Ballroom Gift vouchers

nothing beats a ballroom birthday

Whether you need a last minute gift for your climbing friend or want to introduce someone to their new favourite hobby, we have loads of options for you. From passes to shoes, hoodies to chalk bags. Check out our pricing page if you are unsure how much to load up the gift card.