Wild Climbers (3-6yo)

Event Information

Wild Climbers for Ages 3 and Upwards at The Ballroom Climbing Wall in Coventry!

Welcome to Wild Climbers, a fun and game-oriented programme designed to introduce children aged 3 and upwards to the exciting world of indoor climbing. At The Ballroom Climbing Wall, our Wild Climbers sessions focus on developing climbing awareness, building confidence, and creating a grassroots pathway into climbing. The programme is inclusive and accessible to all.

How To Book:

  • If you do not have a punch card use the booking form on this page to purchase a session.
  • If you have a punch card click here to login to our members area and click enroll to book your session.
  • FYI  you must login to the account that has the Punch-Card attached to it to be able to enroll for the session.

Our Wild Climbers programme:

  • Covers the 3 key learning areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), including Communication, Physical Development, and Social & Emotional Development
  • Provides a safe and engaging environment to develop climbing skills and movements
  • Encourages inclusivity and individualised goal-setting for all participants, catering to climbers with diverse abilities

Discover the joy of climbing and help your child reach new heights with our Wild Climbers sessions at The Ballroom Climbing Wall. Book now and watch your little climber thrive!

Please note: All supervisors will have to register online as well as the climbers! You will have to do this BEFORE you arrive at the centre.

If you are taking any under 5s into the centre, please be aware they will not be able to go onto the matting and will need to be continuously supervised whilst in the centre.
The Ballroom Gift vouchers

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Whether you need a last minute gift for your climbing friend or want to introduce someone to their new favourite hobby, we have loads of options for you. From passes to shoes, hoodies to chalk bags. Check out our pricing page if you are unsure how much to load up the gift card.